Ethics in Digital Marketing for Local Businesses

Bringing information tech ethics into the picture is important when looking at acceptable strategies for the promotion of local businesses. When it comes to a local business – for example something like Broadfield Christchurch Landscaping, it’s tempting to think social media may offer the best platform, but given Facebook’s ongoing security and privacy issues this is not always the best conclusion.

Of course, nationwide ecommerce businesses have much more room to experiment. For instance Neptunes, who sell bed linen NZ, are a great example of this.

Ethics in Digital Marketing

When it comes to ethics in information tech, there are few industries that has a worse name than web design and digital marketing. The lack of regulation in these areas around the world have allowed charlatans to flourish for many years now, making outrageous claims that their services can’t actually deliver on.

One Christchurch SEO expert is calling for stricter rules on the way digital marketing companies are allowed to market themselves. It’s time for exaggerated claims to end, which not only hurt clients but give the entire SEO industry a bad name. The owner and founder of SEO Christchurch wants to see more transparency and better reporting from digital marketing companies so clients know exactly what they’re getting.

More Thoughts on Trades Ethics

Following up from my last post, I’ve had cause to turn my attention to ethics in another uncommon trade: that of pest control. This consideration has been brought about by the realisation I have a big of a cockroach problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Unfortunately I’m not having as much luck this time around.

When I lived in NZ I used an Auckland rodent control company called GoPest to remove some rats that were living in my kitchen wall, and found them both excellent on service and environmentally conscious. Unfortunately, I’m struggling to find a solution with the same commitment to environmental friendliness over here, and it bugs me (no pun intended).

Dodging Dodgy Cowboys in Trades Industries

Though it’s not an issue that often comes to mind when considering business ethics, this question came up recently when I needed to have my Gold Coast home repainted.

The trades are infamous for being full of cowboys, in large part due to the low barriers to entry. As the owner of a cleaning company once said to me, “Anyone with a mop and a bucket can call himself a cleaner.” While cleaning in particular represents a very low barrier to entry market, even in trades which require apprenticeships and more serious qualifications it’s still easy to run into a dodgy dealer.

Luckily, I came across some reliable and trustworthy Gold Coast painters in the form of Rock Solid GC. They were up front and honest and got the job done on time and on budget, not employing any of the underhanded tactics I was so wary of when hiring for this project.